Air cooled condensing units





Sturdy heavy gauge galvanized steel formed base. The base also allows the contractor to install pipe clamps to secure the pipe run to the roof opening. Weather proof enclosure made of white pre-painted thick gauge aluminum. The hood style design, when open gives full access to all access to all the components on the outdoor units.

The condenser coil is enclosed in a galvanized casing. All coils have 10 fins per inch for easy cleaning and high efficiency. A separate efficient sub-cooling circuit is integrated at the base of the coil to provide a vapor free liquid to the metering device. A factory installed fixed head pressure flooding valve (adjustable for 10 HP or more) is installed to maintain an adequate head pressure during low ambient temperature operation, (outdoor units only). The condenser coil incorporates a friction free expansion coil design.

Fans are protected by fan guard with a baked on powder epoxy coating ; each fan section is divided to prevent by-pass. Each fan is statically and dynamically balanced to provide a vibration free operation.

The receiver is sized to hold the entire charge of the evaporator, condenser and liquid line refrigerant when the unit is in a pump down mode. (based on standard installations). Oversized receivers are available. On outdoor units, the receiver vessel is heated and insulated to maintain an adequate pressure during the cold season. A fusible safety plug on pressure relief valve and service valves is standard on each unit.

Located in a sturdy galvanized steel enclosure, built to provide easy access to every component, the control panel contains all the electric components. A pump down switch is mounted on the side of the box so it can be operated without the need to open the enclosure.

Kool-air will select the most efficient compressors, from a wide range of manufacturers to perform the work. Adjustable dual pressure controls (with flexible hoses), crankcase heater (outdoor unit) and rubber or spring mounts are standard equipment.

Optional equipment:


  • Soldered or replaceable liquid line kit (dryer & sight glass)
  • Solenoid valve
  • Suction accumulator, regular or with boil-out coil
  • Suction filter, soldered or replaceable
  • Oil separator
  • Oil level control device (parallel)
  • Main suction and liquid valves
  • Hot gas defrost kit
  • Oversized receiver
  • Suction to liquid heat exchanger
  • Adjustable head pressure controls (under 10 HP)
  • Custom color paint for housing
  • Factory installed pressure gauges
  • Hot gas by-pass valves
  • Discharge line muffler
  • Heat reclaim valve


  • Auxiliary contacts
  • Phases monitor
  • Electrical defrost kit with fuses and evaporator(s) contactor(s)
  • Defrost timer
  • Non fused disconnect switch
  • Fused disconnect switch
  • Fan cycling (2 or 3 fans) for outdoor units

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