Ice rink dehumidifier

Ozone depletion free R-404a refrigerant
5 and 7.5 Tons.

Kool-Air dehumidifier casing is made of prepainted white galvanized steel and all drain pans are made of insulated heavy gauge stainless steel.

Scroll type compressors with internal motor protection, and a centrifugal oil pump are used for long trouble free operation. All compressors will be supplied with a crankcase heater to prevent refrigerant migration. All piping is made out of copper tube with brazed connections.

The receiver is sized to hold the whole refrigerant charge of R-404a for easy service of the unit. Rotalock valves are supplied at outlet, to isolate the refrigerant charge. All units operate on a pump down cycle for a liquid free starting of the compressor and to minimize refrigerant migration.

Evaporator and condenser coils are made of smooth copper tube mechanically expanded into evenly-spaced aluminum plate fin for permanent bond and maximum heat transfer.

The fans used on these units are forward curved; statically and dynamically balanced centrifugal blowers with ball bearings. Each blower is coupled with an electric motor with adjustable pulley on the motor. Motors are 2 horse power open drip proof with permanently lubricated ball bearings. Overload relays are provided for 3 phase protection.

Controls are located in an accessible control panel. External colored pilot  lights (blue, green and yellow) are supplied for a quick assessment of unit operation.

The Kool-Air RKDA unit operates on hot gas defrost actuated from a demand defrost control. The demand defrost control senses every 45minutes (adjustable) if ice is present on the evaporator. If there is ice formation, unit will begin a defrost cycle and stop when the evaporator is ice free.


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