RD series

Dual flow-air defrost application

Cooler above 34°F
From 900 to 3000 BTU/H @ 10°F.T.D.

All RD units have a compact low profile casing to allow maximum cabinet space for product. RD casing is heavy gauge aluminum painted white with easily removable injection molded polymer drain pan in which the fan opening is shaped as a venturi to ensure optimum air circulation. Stainless steel hardware is used for corrosion free assembly.

State of the art evaporator coil is made of smooth copper tube mechanically expanded into evenly-spaced aluminum plate fins for permanent bond and maximum heat transfer.

Permanently lubricated and thermally protected motors are provided for long life and dependable service.

Injection molded polymer fan guards are provided for consistency of dimension and corrosion protection.

Casing allows total accessibility to expansion valve and electrical connection. All RD units are suitable for internally equalized expansion valves.

Options :
  • Copper fin coil
  • Coated coil

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